Old Monk Rum is the only one that does not fall over in the boat!



Old Monk Rum can be recognized by everyone, because it is known for both its exclusive content and form.

Old Monk Rum is quality dark rum made by traditional method, blended for 7 years. In the manufacturing process of Old Monk Rum only the original rum mixtures are used, some of which may be 50 years old. This ensures the original Old Monk Rum taste that has remained genuine for nearly a century.

The sweet aroma of the beverage has the notes of caramel, chocolate, ripe peach and vanilla. The taste of Old Monk Rum is not as sweet as the sweet aroma may refer to.

Although the beverage has 42.8% alcohol by volume spirit, it has a soft taste. Besides the dominant flavor of roasted coffee beans and vanilla also spicy hints provided by storage of rum in the charred oak barrels can be felt. The color of Old Monk Rum is deep brown-black and it has a creamy consistency.

Unique handy bottles are handmade. Therefore, each of them is slightly differences.

Old Monk Rum is the only one that does not fall over in the boat. The ancient seafarers’ drink will stay in upright position in even in the very stormy weather in any watercraft thanks to the low and wide form of the bottle.


The history of Mohan Meakin Ltd., the producer of Old Monk Rum, dates back to the year 1855, when the Scotsman Sir Edward Dyer originally founded the brewery at Kasauli, Himachal Pardes, in India to meet the demand for beer of the Britons. In a while the owners of the brewery were changed and it became known as distillery Mohan Meakin Ltd., the representatives of that dynasty are the leaders of the company until today.

Old Monk Rum is one of the world’s oldest as well as the most widely sold one all over the world. It was first launched on the market in 1935. Due to the strong impact of the British (the British East India Company from 1601 to 1874), Old Monk Rum became one of the most popular beverages among dark rums in the world and the most demanded one in India. The success of the brand continues until today.

The craftsmen of Mohan Meakin Ltd. take care of the manufacturing process from the birth of rum till the bottling in the same way as their ancestors have done. Indeed, in the representatives of the third generation of the dynasty are working in the company today. They have acquired the knowledge and skills from their ancestors. Throughout the Old Monk Rum production process, from the fermentation of cane molasses till bottling, the original production is imitated, as it has been since 1935. This ensures Old Monk Rum’s high quality and authenticity.

Mohan Meakin Ltd.’s commitment to sustainability lies in the main values of integrity, tradition and craftsmanship. Over the decades, the company has adapted itself to modernity, but it’s fundamental values have always remained the same.

Today the corporation has six production units in various cities of India, including Old Monk Rum’s birth town Kasauli. The brand is today widely known particularly in Asia and America, and it has gained more renown in the New Europe.

Each bottle of Old Monk Rum is handmade from the beginning to the end. Therefore, it is a unique product and there is distinctive character in its taste!

Since 1982 Old Monk Rum has won numerous gold medals by the prestigious Monde Selection.


The legend called Old Monk Rum tells a story about a kind-hearted British monk who sneaked around the Mohan Meakin Ltd.’s rum barrels endlessly. Savoring the rum during the rum ripening time he offered good company to the master craftsmen, and in this way the monk became a specialist of rum making. The good advice of the true monk improved the flavor of rum. In 1935, when the rum was first launched, Mohan Meakin Ltd. called the drink Old Monk Rum in honor of the old monk.















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